Oh where do I start?

My iPad 2

My iPad 2

I suppose it is time to get this site started. So,where to begin? Well, I decided to start this blog because of a big change in terms of the technology at the school where I teach. This coming fall all of our 5-12 students will have the use of an  iPad 2. This meant each teacher would also receive one–in addition to a new laptop.

This news about the iPads almost seem to come out of nowhere as far as the faculty was concerned. The news definitely created a lot of buzz and excitement once we got the official word that the actual implementation would be happening. Along with the announcement that the students would all have an iPad, the reality that we, as teachers would have to be sure that the students will actually USE them in our classes on a regular basis.

When dealing with a group of any size, it is natural for its members to fall into different categories. I this case some people were very excited, some were a little wary, and some were probably totally against it. I would hazard a guess and say that where any individual teacher landed in that range of enthusiasm depended primarily on their level of comfort with technology.

I would put myself into an “excited, but wary” category. And that was my state of mind as we headed into summer break. We teachers received our  iPad 2 on our last day of school so that we could become familiar with them and start deciding how we would use them in our classes.

So, now it has been about 3 weeks since I received my iPad 2. I decided to start this blog to chronicle my adventures with this new piece of technology and how it impacts my classes and my teaching.

That should do it for now. Next time I will explain why I described myself as being “excited, but wary” in terms of the whole iPad initiative at my school.


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