Something Completely Different

ABC Award

For some strange reason my colleague over at awritablelife decided to throw an ABC award my way. So, I will begin by thanking her for this undeserved honor.  It seems that the honor comes with a bit of a tradition which requires that I compose a list revealing information about myself using the letters of the alphabet.

I forewarn you now that I am not very good at these MEME type activities. So, with that in mind, here we go:

I am/I am a

  • Andrew
  • Brother
  • Christian
  • Dude
  • Exiting the building
  • Frequently in need of a nap
  • Gamer
  • Homebody
  • Incoming
  • Joking
  • Killin’ it
  • Large and in charge
  • Musician (once upon  a time)
  • Ninja wannabe
  • Old-ish feeling lately
  • Photographer wannabe
  • Quicker than you would think
  • Reasonable (most of the time)
  • Son
  • Teacher
  • Uber-excited
  • Viable
  • Xbox hater
  • Yearbook adviser
  • Zero losses, all wins (riiiight)

There. First part of the “tradition” or “requirements” completed. Now I just have to pass the award along to some other unsuspecting blogger. This will require some research on my part before I pass the award along to some blogger who is far more deserving than me.


One response to “Something Completely Different

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