This site is intended to be a place where I, Andrew Atkins–a semi tech-literate teacher, can write, rant, or vent about my experiences with incorporating technology into my classroom–or just anything that pops into my head.  If I get lucky and someone should actually read this, I may get even luckier and get some feedback on things from time-to-time. Then, if the universe really goes out of whack, I might accidentally post something some other teacher out there somehow finds useful. Don’t hold your breath–for my part I plan on keeping my breathing routine as normal as possible.

As for me, well, I teach English and Journalism at a small private school in Nashville, TN. I am an avid user of technology–laptops, desktops, tablets, cameras, gaming, phones (to a degree), etc. Basically, if there is something with a button that I can use on a professional level, or to keep me entertained in my personal life, I will give it a try. I may get into some of that in more detail in some posts from time-to-time.


2 responses to “About

  1. Hello! I am glad I stumbled upon your blog & I look forward to reading future posts! I am a yearbook sponsor, and I have a question/problem you might be able to help me with. My goal is to get every student in the yearbook at least 2xs (Mug & other). We have a paper binder to keep track right now. After a spread is done, I have my students highlight the students they use and mark the page number. It is extremely tedious and not very reliable. I have 30 students (school of 3700) and it is time consuming for students to highlight. I thought about MSExcel, but I’m worried students will change entries & even then, technically only 1 could be open at a time too. I don’t suppose you have any method you currently use or any program ideas/suggestions?

    • Jessica,
      Thanks for visiting and I am glad you enjoyed the blog.
      I can definitely relate to the headache of trying to track how many times students are in the book. I teach at a small school and only have about 300 to track and that seems almost impossible at times; just thinking about doing that for 3700 make me cringe.
      Right now we basically do it the way your staff does. I print out a roster of each grade level and we try to mark that whenever we use a photo of someone. It is not very reliable and is difficult to keep up with as you mentioned.
      We use Walsworth’s Online Design program which introduced photo tagging this year. I had hoped this would make tracking the number of times a students appears easier–but that dream was short lived because of having to wait on the mugshots of students from the school photography company. By the time we get the CD in December or January from them to send to Walsworth so that it can create the database of students we already have about half the book finished.
      Coming up with an easier way seems to be one of those permanent entries on my “There Has to be a Better Way” list.

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