An Eye-Opening Lawsuit

On Friday,  Zite, one of my favorite apps, suggested an article I found very informative and scary. I like learning about new things, especially things that apply to my interests such as blogging.  I suppose that is why this particular article grabbed my attention when it popped up.

The article 5 Easy Ways to Get Sued for Social Media or Blogging by Deb McAlister is posted on her blog. McAlister discusses a court case–which she uses to set up the 5 legal topics at the heart of the article–involving a blogger being sued for comments someone wrote on his blog. I won’t attempt to fully discuss all that McAlister has to say in the article, but it is very informative about the legal topics of Copyright Infringement, Tortious Interference, Product Disparagement, Defamation, and Right of Publicity.

I find the article interesting and helpful because when it comes to legal matters,  I fall into that category of bloggers McAlister describes as “blissfully unaware.” While I was somewhat familiar with some aspects of Copyright Infringement and Defamation, the other areas she discusses were pretty foreign to me. So, I learned some things from the article.

One scary part in all of this is the idea of being sued over what someone else writes. If I understand this correctly, at least most instances of this can be avoided by removing the offending comments from the blog. Another scary aspect is that some businesses and lawyers would use a lawsuit just to get something pulled even when they know they don’t have much chance in winning the case.

So, after reading the article, I learned some new things. I have some new things to think about. I have some new things to research. Not a bad return on a few minutes spent reading.